What to wear to a photo shoot?

I get asked this question a lot so I thought of dedicating a page on this! I will update this page as I go along, with inspiration or families. Let's dive in.

Family Portraits

Family photoshoot can be so tricky, right? What do I wear? What about the spouse and my children? Don't you wish we have a glam team for this sort of event? Fret not, my first answer to this is always:

  • Whatever you select, please make sure you will be comfortable in it.

Most of my photoshoots are done outdoors. The sun in sunny, warm and humid Singapore can be quite unforgiving. I highly encourage my families to wear something they are very happy with. I do encourage wearing a dress, polo tees, shorts if we are doing outdoor shoots. Think about it this way, YOU on a weekend but slightly SCRUBBED UP! Like going for Sunday lunch or something. Wearing white is nice but please understand that sometimes you will sustain stains especially if you have to carry your little ones around. I don’t go extensive editing as that’s not my expertise so do bear this in mind when you do choose to wear white.

  • Avoid big, loud prints or logos on clothes

Unless it's your culture and your cultural clothes, I highly discourage Hawaiian shirts, loud prints, big prints that will steal the limelight away from you. It may seem nondescript when you are wearing it but in photos, it takes away the focal point which is you.

  • Avoid the whole matching outfit thing.

Matching outfits, unless it's your family thing, can work if you're aiming for funny portraits but I'd advise against just because while it looks great out of the picture, it can look quite tacky on the photos. I do want to capture beautiful photos for you, so let's try to avoid matchy outfits.

  • Complementary colors, yes please.

I love complementary colors in a family shoot. Imagine neutrals with a pop of lavender, or red, or blues. Oh grey and some yellow and pinks. I don't control color-coordination and highly leave it up to the family. It has to scream your style, your comfort but complement one another, please. You can definitely reach out to me to bounce off some ideas pre-shoot.

  • Work around mothers

I love photographing mothers and I think, if you nail mom's clothing for the shoot, the entire family and it's coordination can revolve around mom. Try it!

At the end of it, you know what works best for you and your family. At any point of time you are a little worried, drop me a whatsapp or an email (my numbers are strictly given to only clients).

If you're still unsure, look at my portrait galleries and have a look at what some of the families have worn.

I can't wait to take a photo of you and your family soon!