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I frequently get asked if I am a full-time professional photographer and why did I chose this profession.

I am a professional photographer who juggles lecturing, consulting, instructing and parenthood. Most of my photo shoots are held over the weekend unless it’s for a professional headshot, where it’s mostly done on the week day.

I chose to take on a photography class in high school and I immensely enjoyed it. According to my former lecturer turned friend, Justyn Olby, I had ‘The Eye’.

I am used to a Canon system but picked up a Sony full-frame instead as it was such a lightweight yet powerful workhorse. My very first subject was my child before I moved on to working with my beautiful families featured on my website.

I am passionate about light, capturing emotions, genuine interactions and real and honest feelings. It is increasingly important to capture these moments for all of its glory for its timeless value. I don’t just shoot a family, I freeze time for you to look back on. If you are a laid back and relaxed family looking for a photographer, I might just be the one for you.

Snippets of me


I am part of Singapore’s General Assembly Workshop Instructor and I immensely enjoy the work I do there. If you are looking to sharpen or improve skills, I highly recommend that you take a look at GA.

At the same time, I also lecture at the local polytechnic here in Singapore.


I am part of the team on Stork’s Nest Singapore and Stork’s Nest Global, a Facebook premium subscription group for the modern parent.

If you are a parent yourself and looking for evidence-based scientific information, look no more. At a monthly subscription of USD4.99, you get curated content at the tip of your fingers and the convenience of your phone as well as interaction with leading experts in various field.

Check out some teasers here on Stork’s Nest Global Page.


In my spare time, whatever that I can get my hands on, I run 5km at least 3x a week and aim to go for as many Muay Thai classes as possible. I love martial arts, specifically Muay Thai. I even did an 8 days Muay Thai bootcamp in Phuket’s Tiger Muay Thai to further hone my skills.

To me, it’s incredibly important to exercise self-care especially when we become mothers. As moms, we are constantly asked to put needs of others before our own and I think it’s time that is being reconsidered.

When we put ourselves first, when WE MATTER, we are able to be better parents and a better version of ourselves. This is why I encourage many parents to never forget self-care.