Hey friend!

How are you? So happy you're here!

I took up photography in my school days. I picked up my camera again when I had my little one as iPhone just doesn't cut it. I wanted to capture every little details about her and I became obsessed with doing that for friends before I started out as a photographer. I am that “mom with a camera” and I own it!

I am obsessed with light, colors, bright and airy photos. I am obsessed with capturing emotions, genuine reactions and authentic interactions. It's so important to capture these timeless moments, wherever we are. When taking professional portraits, I want to represent the real you, like I do when I capture family portraits.

I am often a weekend warrior lugging around my trusted lenses and Sony body. I do weekdays shoot as well if I am not teaching. I am also an workshop Instructor at General Assembly Singapore, I often giving talks on digital marketing or moderating these talks as well, haha! I am also an Associate Lecturer in a local polytechnic in Singapore too. On top of that, I am also embarking on several other work and I am super excited to share when the time is right! Phew - I know it sounds like a lot is going on and I am SO thankful!

If you want to know more about my professional career, you can read it here on LinkedIn. Alternatively, if you wished to see the photos I take (more than just on the website) you can see more photos on my Instagram here

I can't wait to capture your moments - thank you for choosing me to be part of your journey!