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I started photography back in polytechnic days and I am in love with photographing families and children. It's so fun to capture timeless moments especially now that I am a mother of a toddler. Photography also enhances my career as a digital marketing consultant. 

If you want to know more about my professional career, you can read it here on LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can see more photos on my Instagram here.

My Photography Style

For Children & Family Portraits

 Funny poses everyone!

Funny poses everyone!

I love photographing in natural light, typically between 8-10am or 5-6pm. This is the golden hour time and in Singapore especially, it's much less warmer.

How I approach doing a shoot of children and families:

 Let's dance everyone!

Let's dance everyone!

  • Parents, don't stress. Let them be themselves for the first few minutes. They will warm up eventually to get their photos taken.
  • I am a goofball when photographing young children. I also let them press the silver shutter button as the "click click click" sounds is so fascinating. Most of the time, I will also aim my camera to their parents; especially for young children, they find this fascinating - double vision!
  • I get down to their level to make them feel more comfortable. It's fascinating to see the world at their height.
  • I go with the flow when photographing little children. It's about the connection, candid moments and when young children are involved, I take whatever happens and go with it!

If there are no children involved, this is how I approach the shoot:

  • I start with chatting and interacting with the clients to warm them up to the idea of being photographed. A casual chat helps.
  • We will then take a short walk to the location and when you are ready, we can do some quick test shoot.
  • While taking photos, I make it a point to continue to chat with you. This will help ease your mind off having a lens pointing at you.
  • You can tell me at any point if you're feeling uncomfortable or need a break.
  • Above all, have fun at the shoot. Easier said that done but you will realise your facial muscles, movements will start to "warm up to the idea" and you'll be a natural model at the end of it.

I approach photographing children and families the same; I take my time, I don't point my lens straight to their face, I let them see any awesome photos taken. Children love to see themselves on the screen. It makes them excited and even more keen to do more from my experience.


The location can be as easy as within the comforts of your beautiful home, your estate, condominium/hdb play area, your familiar neighborhood, your frequent go-to family cafe; whatever that makes you happy and feel a sense of comfort, love and familiarity. Alternatively, I can also scout out nice areas for you if you've got some ideas in mind.

For Professional Portraits


I love natural light. I've mentioned in twice now but I can't say this enough. There's something warm, soft and light using the natural sunlight or even overcast weather to create and illuminate any and every occasion. I also find that natural light photography makes you look more approachable, authentic, warm and relaxed. 

This is how I approach my shoot:

  • I like to start my shoot with a cup of tea or coffee and have an easy and casual chat before we take a short walk to the location.
  • This will help take the discomfort or pressure off you when we start shooting.
  • When you feel much comfortable and relaxed, we can start to ease in to the session by doing some test shots. I might ask you to walk, or lean against a wall, or laugh and smile and pull faces just to relax your facial muscles and relax around me and the camera. You'll be surprised how even the most confident person can feel that nerve when the lens are pointing at them :)
  • I'll be chatting, interacting and reassuring you throughout the shoot. I find this helps you forget that you're being photographed and often, amplifies your personality.
  • Above all, have fun, pull funny faces and stunts (yes, even in professional headshot, work that muscle and relax!) and just have a good time. The shoot is about you and framing your best self.


I often like to shoot my clients not too near to their work environment; sometimes, it can be stifling than fun. A finance professional can rock a soft artsy background just like an entrepreneur can look good against an industrial backdrop. Let me know if there's a place that stands out or a place you have in mind so I can scout the best places to share with you. Alternatively, I'll always scout for nice places if you've got an idea in mind and share them with you.

I'm on Instagram (@foliobylisa) and here are my latest photos: