Your Newborn Session

I  am  so  excited  to  capture  your  sweet  newborn and your family.  Newborn session  is  done  in  the  comfort  of   your  own  home where I can beautifully capture this fleeting time in your life.

Remember to fill up the session form as it’s key for me to get to know you way before the photoshoot day. I get to know your kids and their names, your partner and his/her unique personality etc. If you haven’t fill it up yet, please click here.

Day Of The Session: When  I  arrive,  I  will walk around  your  home and  scout  out  the  best  lit  areas for family and sibling  shots.  I  often  use  the  couch, master  bedroom, and nursery  for  photos.  I  know  what  it  is  like to have  a newborn. Please  don't  feel like  you have to clean  the  house  before I arrive. We can  easily clean up an  area that we  want to use for photos. 

Your Baby:  Your newborn is perfect just the way he or she is.  I don't try and make babies sleep or place them in unnatural poses.  I suggest you have your newborn in a simple onesie that is form fitting with no graphics or words.  This usually means you will need a preemie or newborn sized onesie. I will likely take it off and get some nude or near nude newborn photos as well. Also, please gather a few favorite swaddle blankets for baby to be wrapped in. I recommend feeding the baby as much as he or she wants about fifteen minutes prior to my arrival. Newborn sessions can take some time, that is okay. Your baby is perfect as he or she is.  I do not do major posing or have any expectation on how the baby should behave (alert or asleep).  We let the baby guide the session.  What is important is that we capture this beautiful time in your life with your beautiful family. Also, please do let me know in advance if your baby is jaundiced or have baby acne especially if it happens a few days before the shoot. I highly recommend that we reschedule the shoots as I don’t do extensive editing and “Photoshopping’. You engaged me as a photographer, not an editor. I hope you understand :-)

Siblings:  Again, I know exactly what it is like to have a new baby, I have my own, and I know exactly how big this change is for the siblings in the house.  I usually try and get sibling and family photos right at the start because the sibling may lose interest in me quickly. I have no major expectations for the siblings and will never force them into doing anything they aren't comfortable with.  It is best to prepare the sibling for the session by telling him or her that a friend is coming to visit and take some photos of your family.  It is always best not to surprise them. 

Mummy & daddy:  You are going to be thrilled and exhausted.  You will likely be experiencing with the highest highs and perhaps some of the lowest lows. Having a new baby is hard and wonderful all at the same time.  Remember that I am a mother too and I know how exactly this all feels. My job is not to make this time in your life look perfect, my job is to show you just how beautiful it is.  I want you to be relaxed and at ease when I am photographing your family.  You don't need to be anything but yourself.  

Wardrobe: I recommend neutral colors and comfortable clothes for everyone, especially mummy. What is most important is that you are comfortable.  I am happy to discuss wardrobe with you further if you would like.  Just let me know. 

I can’t wait to capture your littlest one and your beautiful family. See you soon!