Why You Should Consider This

You might still be unconvinced and sitting on the fence on this and that's totally understandable. As a working mom who rushes around for appointments, meetings, school meets, friends and family catch up, I empathize and absolutely understand your rationale.

  • "Do I really need this photography thingy?"
  • "I want to but it must be so expensive!"
  • "I don't know if my kids can sit still!"
  • "I'll be so self-conscious and I don't like to be put in a spot."

An authentic, casual or professional portrait, family and children photography is certainly an investment. I absolutely understand that there's always some bills to pay, some enrichment classes to sign up, and some holidays to go for.

Life sometimes gets in the way of everything. All these expenses adds up, I get it, you are not alone. I feel that too sometimes when I want to make some additional purchases; I want to know that this is an investment that will be worthwhile.


But here's what I want you to know as a mother and as a working individual:

Children don't stop growing and time waits for no one, I know this all too well. Soon, it will be next month and the next and the time will have passed, never to be experienced again.

There are moments and milestones you just wished you could have it frozen in a photograph, instead of being played back in your mind.

As an individual, we grow, flourish and change. We change jobs, we embrace a new hobby, we fall in love, we fall out of love. Whatever our circumstances, life events, there are always memories to be made and frozen in a photo to be reminisced.

Here's What You'll Get

In summary:

  •  Duration - A shoot session can last anywhere between 1hr - 1.5hrs. It can take longer if it's multigenerational but this is on a case-by-case basis. I'll make sure we'll have a good chat on your requirements and the shoot composition so I could advise you better. 
  • Photo delivery - I will try to deliver most of the good photos (unless mini sessions, where I will pre-select variety of 15 photos for you), and they are all yours to use for all purposes. We can use Google Photos or DropBox, whatever that is easiest for you. All rights belong to you and I reserve the rights to use these photos for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • Photo Resolution - Fit for printing and framing. If you need anything larger, please let me know in advance.
  • Frame/Prints/Photobooks - I don't do them but I can give recommendation to print (I like Konata@Peninsula Plaza).
  • No hidden fees, just honest, friendly and upfront services -  1hr shoot is at a flat rate of S$380, a 1.5hrs at S$570. I also do mini sessions at the location of my choice. Please contact me for the mini sessions or keep an eye out on social media as I do run some mini sessions seasonally.

Some questions I've been asked before and here are my replies:

  • I love your work but I am a single mother/father with very tight budget - I understand. Drop me a message and let's chat.
  • I am a LGBTQ partner/spouse looking for a LGBTQ-friendly photographer for couple/family shoot. Can you help? - Hit me up! #ally
  • I love your work but I am looking for a photographer with a different style, do you have someone else to recommend? - Of course! If you have some specifics and my style isn't what you are looking for, I've got amazing friends whom I am happy to recommend you to. Absolutely fine!

Got a question? Click the button and send in your message. I'll reply within 12 hrs.