I’ve got a simple, all-inclusive pricing for you and your family. I don’t restrict the images I edit and I usually give most of the beautiful and meaningful photos in any given shoot. My style of photography results in a collection of images that brings out the deep love and connection in your family.

Your session fee includes the on-location session experience and all the high resolution digital files from your gallery to keep for life and print and use as you see fit.


Full length session:

1hr of photography: $420.00 only

What you get:

  • Carefully and beautifully edited digital photos for you to download from your very own dedicated and private gallery which you can choose to share with your loved ones (gallery is active for one month for viewing, sharing and download)

  • Minimum 50-80 digital photos and sometimes even more depending on the fun and good cooperation from everyone during the shoot

  • High resolution digital images of printable quality

  • A fun, relaxed and casual photoshoot session


I do mini sessions for only 30mins but my slots are really limited as I have other commitments. Mini sessions render much lesser photos than a full-length shoot and cannot accommodate extended family members (multi-generational photos). Please contact me for more information on mini sessions. Mini session photoshoot may incur travel expenses which will be advised prior to agreement of shoot.

Fine details pre and post-shoot

In summary:

  • Photo delivery - Between 2-4 weeks but in some months and high season, this can be extended beyond but I will let you know during our session.

  • Photo Resolution - Fit for printing and framing. If you need anything larger, please let me know in advance.

  • Depending on payment terms, final photos will not be released until full payment is made. You don't delay your household or phone bills until 2 months later, don't you? Let's be gracious to one another, please.


  • What should WE wear to the photoshoot? Good question! I have dedicated a whole page for you to read up :). Read it here.

  • What's your payment terms like? Clients must pay a non-refundable security deposit of SGD$100 upon confirmation of session date. Remainder of the payment are to be paid via cash or bank transfer on the day of shoot after the session ends.

  • How many photos can you give from the photoshoot? I promise my families more than 50 photos in colors and black and white. More often than not, my families get more than that. I believe in giving the memorable photos and do not believe that you have to pay more to get the whole set. I want my families to have as many awesome photos as they can get. This is of course, subjected to the good cooperation from everyone during the shoot session.

  • You had a promotion a few months back, can we agree to that old price promotion? I appreciate that you reached out again but promotional period are just that, within the period stated in all of my fine prints.

  • Why do I need to pay for your entry ticket to certain places for the photoshoot? My session fee does not include ticket prices to locations that require an entry ticket as I am often taking outdoor photos in public spaces that are conveniently, free! If you have selected the location that requires an entry ticket, I’d appreciate it if you could purchase a ticket for me too. Otherwise, let’s think of other beautiful public spaces to get our shoot done.

  • What is your rescheduling terms like? It’s unpredictable with little ones. I completely understand your concerns. I am a mother too and sometimes, I have to reschedule things because of a sniffle, cough or cranky littles. If you have booked a slot with me, you would have been given my personal number to contact. Please contact me at least 5 hours in advance. Your child may be sick in the middle of the night and we have a shoot in the morning - it’s fine. Go on and text me and I will be sure to read it in the morning. Life happens, we just roll with it and find another day that works for us both.

  • Singapore’s weather is so unpredictable. What happens if it rains on the day and time of the shoot? Again, life happens. It can be frustrating when it rains on the day of shoot but we will have to reschedule to another day. I usually check several weather apps to confirm the weather a day ahead of the shoot and will usually text you a few hours as well to confirm if our shoot will go on as planned. If it doesn't, let’s find another date that works for us both.

  • Will we have time to feed the kids, reapply cosmetics, change into another outfit etc? Yes, if you book the full-length session of 1 hour with me. In fact, I absolutely encourage we take mini breaks to breathe, relax, wipe away the sweat, feed the kids some snacks and have some water. It can be incredibly tiring when you’re being photographed so I do get my clients take small breaks in between.

  • Can we reschedule if it looks like it’s raining and our home is starting to look dark and gloomy? Yes, we should. My families engaged me for the very reason of achieving bright and photos full of colours and light. While a moody portrait or two is nice, it’s not the style I hope to achieve. It’s definitely possible to reschedule. Life, weather, it happens.

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