The importance of being authentic & genuine

A shoot I did yesterday with Mike Hickman of Coyote Fitness inspired this post on the importance of remaining authentic and true to ourselves. 

 Unedited pic

Unedited pic

 Lightly edited with contrast function only

Lightly edited with contrast function only

Looking through the photo library of yesterday's shoot made me realised just how essential it is to not only present and define our best but also remaining authentic to ourselves.

This is why natural and authenticity transcends in my photography work.  The above photo on the left is a photo straight from my camera and the one on the right just had a tweak of contrast function. That's about the editing from me.

As with everything, authenticity is key to success in work and life. When we are honest to ourselves and others around us, we are at our best as we should be and this can be seen. When we are genuine, people are more welcoming to our presence and happier to work with us. Authenticity also affords us the easy comfort to deal with everything life have got in store. 

This is why an authentic portrait of yourself is, and I cannot emphasise this enough, important. It's the very first connection between the searcher and you. What they see and experience could potentially lead to something more; a business deal, a new job, a partner for life or even a good friend. 

This reminded me of a story how a guy friend confessed to feeling cheated when he met his Tinder date. Who he swiped right to (right? left? clearly I have no idea) versus who he met up in person was an oceans apart, he claimed. The said photo was heavily edited that it hardly looked like the actual date in front of him. I can hardly fault him for wanting to bolt asap. It's not nice to be lied to. I also felt some degree of pity for the lady date. 

This all the more tells me that we should aim to remain authentic, genuine, real and ourselves. It took me a long time to be comfortable in my brown skin and wild hair but now, I am the real me when I have my photos taken, like the one below. I won't lighten my skin, I won't liquify my face or arm to make it slimmer. 

This is me. 

The real authentic me. The me with the big grin, the bespectacled me, blemishes and all.

 My toddler and I. 

My toddler and I. 

What about you? Who is the real you? 

Would you like the real authentic you be captured and showed off to it's best potential? 

Have a great weekend ahead! 


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