Idea: A little resourcefulness goes a long way!

Shortly after I was done with an in-house family photoshoot (oh my, the room was so well-lit, it was dreamy - I can't wait to share a post on this soon!), my client asked me if I could do a quick headshot for her husband. I was happy to oblige seeing "why not?"

I looked around the house for a suitable spot to take his photos but the master bedroom is still the best bet as it's so well-lit so off we go.

 I had his pose against his wardrobe and took a few shots of it and VOILA:

David Allen - 2.jpg

This is done against his brown wardrobe and it turned out pretty well!

I didn't expect it to come out this well but it did and I am super happy that he liked it too. Just a little blue and twinkle in his eyes, adjust with a few slider play on Lightroom and we're good to go!

I think a little resourcefulness goes a long way for any photographer. Sometimes we are stuck with poses or location and it helps to just do the unexpected.

For me, this unexpected certainly paid off :)