FREE: Instagram Story Template For Photographers

As a digitally trained marketer, I love using Instagram more than Facebook. It's so much more visual and engaging than FB. I rarely log on to FB now, and I am ashamed to say, this goes to my own Facebook Page too. I know, I know. As a digital marketer, I really should look at my attribution and the social pages I am on but really, my attribution are from word of mouth (thank you lovelies!) and Instagram. Google Analytics don't lie! Especially if you dig it deep. 

With the released of Instagram stories, storytelling has been even more instant and fun. For me, it's been a way to show the stuff that happens daily, travelogue, photos from the shoot and sometimes, just plain ol fun!

So, for plain ol' fun, I am letting you use, save and upload my set of 4 Instagram story templates for photographers! Do leave the footer with my name on it, I'd appreciate it! 

I actually enjoy creating them, especially "On The Job Today!". It's so fun to let people know you're going to a shoot and tagging the people (with their permission, of course) who are involved. You can do so much fun with it - telling people the style of shoot (maternity, fashion, family etc) and add emojis and all. 

Just let your creative juice flow. 

I'd love to do more, let me know what type of photographer template I can do. 

Hear from you soon! 


P.S. To download, just press down and save to your phone. 

Then go to your Instagram and add to your story. Don't forget to type in your response! Tag me if you're using it! xx

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