[Update] I am more than just a photographer. Get to know me!



I thought it's time to play catch up and tell you a little bit more about me. I have not always been a photographer. It's more of a serious part-time work for me to capture your moments, professional, lifestyle or family. I have also been super busy lately as I have been planning and researching for my next role. Well, let me tell you more about me. 


This is my toddler whom I love with all of me. She reminds me to have fun, be kind, listen and observe the world and above all, be curious about everything. She teaches me more than I teach her. I am deeply grateful she chose me to be her mama!

A brief history of me

I am a graduate of RMIT University in Mass Communications. Since 12, I knew I wanted to be in Mass Comms and that I wanted to be sort of in the marketing industry (okay, I actually wanted to be a radio deejay haha!). That's where I have been now, for the last 10+ years. I have worked in creative, social media and advertising agencies (Gosh Advertising, Holmes and Marchant, Mediatropy etc), moved to corporate marketing (iProperty Singapore, Ensign Media etc) and finally started out my own consultancy, Socially Amplified Pte Ltd (registered in Singapore). Socially Amplified is a social marketing consultancy and I have worked with SMEs and startups (ALN, ReactiveDPS, BicyclAsia etc) before I worked and helped startups. Along the way, I rekindled my love for photography, got myself a Sony system and a few kick-ass lenses and here we are! Along the way also, I took a break from Socially Amplified and decided to go back into freelance digital marketing while I get daily hugs and cuddles from my loved ones. Balance is important to me and this works well for me.

What do you do, Lisa?

Aside from photography and freelance digital marketing consultant, I am also an instructor at General Assembly. I have given talks on getting into marketing and what are expected of marketers and I will be conducting workshops with General Assembly on a few topics such as Instagram, branding and more. If you'd like to know more about marketing, drop me a tinkle!

2018-04-25 09.15.23.jpg

I am by no means an expert but if you know of any small business speared by women in need of any kind of marketing help, put us in touch. I totally believe in community over competition. It's so so soooo important to help one another and lift one another up. Obviously I've met my fair share of unkind ladies but for most part, I believe in us ladies making things work! LET'S CREATE MAGIC TOGETHER.

Well, what else do you do, or like, Lisa?

I enjoy time to myself, reading books on self-development, floral arrangements (I know, hahaha!) and spending time with my husband and toddler. To keep fit, I also exercise and I enjoy martial arts, specifically Muay Thai. I think it's the fact that I learn to elbow, knee, kick and punch, which are all very essential skills in the event of any unfortunate matter, makes me really into this sport. I have bruises on my legs from being kicked, scars forever there, hahaha! 

My goals? I'd love to do a friendly fight up in the ring. It's so scary to think about it, imagine being up there and facing your opponent. I am sure I will be pretty nervous and wondering why on earth I am doing this - but you know, bucket list and I must do it! I attach a short clip of what I do on a daily basis.

So tell me about your photography style, Lisa

Oh! One of my favorite topics! I am a bright and airy photographer and I love muted greens, mint greens in my photos especially when we take photos outdoor. There's something about greens that makes my subjects pop and I love it. I started off my photography journey trying to figure out who I am and honestly, I am still trying to figure out everything. I admire people who have it all planned out but with everything, growing a business takes time, strategy, tactics and the right time and place. I think it's perfectly fine to not have all the answers because learning is a constant just like time. There's truly no master only disciples. I am curious by many things and I think my photography will evolve more! At the moment, I love bright and airy photography and being based in Singapore, it just makes it so easy and simply to capture the warmth and light since we're almost 365 days sunny! As I usually say, I love my photos drenched in love and light, hahaha!


I think that's it for me. I hope this helps you get to know me a little bit more. I am not only a photographer but have built a good career in marketing and I am also lecturing.

Let's work together and create MAGIC! :)