[First Look] Caroline's Family Portraits

I just want to say - MIND BLOWN FROM THIS SESSION (well, two-day sessions!).

Why? Because they are simply one of the most gorgeous and fun family I have ever worked with. What a blessing! I truly had so much fun with them. I also applied my sauce of light and airy sprinkles on them. Something about minty leaves gives me the chills!

I love your family portraits, Lisa. Do you edit them?

Yes, I do! Not extensively but there are some tweaks I will play around with to achieve the light, bright and airy feel. Some photographers love the slightly film-y kind of look, others more bright and strong colors. I can do either but my favorite is the light, bright and airy look. There's something heart-tugging and heartwarming to see these photos drenched in love and light.

So, how can I book you?

Awesome! You can either drop me a text on my Instagram account where I post a lot more content or click the button below to be directed to the contact me page

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