[Blog] Absolutely dreamy in-home shoot!

So a big caveat here: I don't often do in-home shoot. And let me tell you why (I love honesty!)- it can be sooooo tough with lighting. This shoot however, convinced me that all I need is a big bright and airy room with all the light coming through the windows and BAM, the photos are just simply amazing, breathtaking and wig-snatching even!

Let's dive into the shoot. I arrived at my client's house expecting some slight difficulty as I have been prewarned before about their light condition. It was a sunny day and I had everything in me crossed (toes, fingers and knotty stomach, haha!) 

And look here, just a few test shoot with their little newborn: hold my heart!


Have I mentioned to you just how much I love bright and airy photoshoot? I am simply an advocate of bright and airy photos with a lot of light. In Singapore, there's abundance of light (and thunderstorms, haha!) so it just makes sense all around!

Here's another jaw-dropping bright and airy photo:


Look at all that sibling love. I mean, I am so in love with this photo. She is going to be the best sister one could ever have! Here are a few more teasers to share with you.

I love capturing these little moments. The baby with the strong neck looking up at me, the quiet assuring hug from daughter to dad and that everlasting bond and love of a mom to her daughter. I am in loveeeeee!

I am telling you, bright and airy photography is where it's at to capture these beautiful moments! Tell me your heart is not drenched with love already!

Hahaha, click on the button above and give me a tinkle to capture your family portraits soon. Let's make magic, shall we? ;)