Awesome camera bag hack to lug around everything I need

After collecting all of the lens I needed for work, I was deeply contemplating getting a camera bag but hesitated for a lot of reasons; I don't want to compromise fashion, no matter how fashion-blind I may be.

Lugging around a bulky bag with all of its magical pockets sounds great but in reality, it looks too much like I am going to school again. Nothing against school, I love it but flashbacks!

I finally found away around it and I am extremely pleased to share!

Introducing this camera bag hack that works for all of your nice, branded, high-street bags! *Screams*

camera bag hack - lisamatthews.jpg

I've got plenty of bags at home. I love bags (and shoes, and cosmetics, and sephora, and more). I really didn't want to add more to the list without my husband 'tut-tutting' at me. While organising my bags, I came across my bag organiser and it hit me right away; surely those camera bag inserts are detachable!

And detachable they are! *YAY!*

I researched for a long time to compare the inserts and price before settling for Cam-In, searching for the retailers in Singapore who may be carrying them (RICEBALL at Peninsula!) and then quickly heading down to get the largest size they've got. The shopkeeper commented "you're my ideal customer. Come in, know what you want, pay".

True, I am quite quick when it comes to shopping especially when I have set my mind to it.

I am super pleased with myself. This large size cam-in is amazing and fits my Longchamp Pliage Large size. In the camera bag, I could fit my Nikkor 50mm, Sony 35mm and Batis 85mm and my Sony A7 with spare batteries & usb cables. I still had comfortable space at the side to bring with me my wallet, my battery pack, some cables and my bag of keys.

When carrying it around, it felt comfortable on my shoulders and it was easy to access my lens and kit. It's a bag that I am very comfortable with so this was a dealmaker for me.

There you have it ladies and gents, if you're looking for an alternative way to carry your bag of lens and kit, try getting the camera inserts and place them in your every day bag. Saves you a bit of money and more!

Have a lovely week ahead!