[Blog] 15 Gifts For Dad or Husband On Father's Day Consulted With A Husband

This list is created with Daddy Matthews.

This list is created with Daddy Matthews.

In case you're wondering, Father's Day is celebrated on 17th June, Sunday.

It's also a time where I am absolutely clueless what to get for my husband and dad. There lie two men who can get whatever they want, afford whatever they need and potentially, have it all. What else can we get for the men in our lives? Well, I put together a list of 15 items after consulting my husband, Daddy Matthews, over a cup of coffee this morning. I mean, might as well get real and ask them what they'd like or what they wish their fellow men can get, right?

1. Wine Subscription

This is for the wine lovers like my husband. Instead of combing through wine shops in Singapore and pretending to nod our head on "notes, smell and taste", I rather leave it to the experts. I/We are usually happy with The French Cellar subscription of two bottles monthly, arriving to us in great condition and perfect taste. Get yours via this link.

The French Cellar wine subscriptions start from a monthly S$99/month for 2 bottles delivered to your door.

2. Sony Mobile Projector

My husband is a big fan of this nifty little gadget (as he always says, "give me gadgets!"). It's perfect to screen onto our expansive white wall in the master bedroom after putting the child to bed or when he gets on his bike on the home-trainer for a little bit of a 'SufferFest'. It fits the palm of your hands and packs a punch; bring it anywhere with you on holidays where you can project shows onto any available flat wall. Nexflix and stream it anywhere!

Get yours today at the nearest Sony store for S$549.00 only.

MP-CL1A mobile projector from Sony-fathersdaygift.png

3. BlueLounge Sanctuary4

This is another clever gadget that my husband appreciates. This also means that my house is clutter-free from cables lying everywhere and that we don't have to fight for that cable plugged to that wall. This is his gadget, on his bedside table, where he can charge up 4 devices simultaneously - work phone, personal phone, and the iPad. It also looks pretty sleek and minimalist, tucking away all of the cables within the box. Just a word of advice: be sure to get additional short-length cables. 

Get yours in black or white online at USD$99.95 or local stores in Singapore for about S$139.00. A quick google on where to buy it in Singapore returned with this, and this link.

Image taken from BlueLounge website. Please visit the website to view more product images.

Image taken from BlueLounge website. Please visit the website to view more product images.

4. Bring back his childhood memories with remote-controlled gadgets

This one had to be in the list, according to Daddy Matthews. Drones! Okay, this gadget won't be solely yours, Daddies, but you can share, can you?

For the discerning few, video and camera enthusiasts or the sportsmen, we think he will like the DJI Mavic Pro, a portable and powerful drone. It's easily collapsible and takes highly amazing photos, perfect for holiday gateways or taking aerial videos and photos of the family or have it following him around during his sports event.

Google for the results using this baby and you will be blown away! You can get this in Singapore in Courts Singapore, TK Foto and The Drone Shop.

Image taken from DJI Store page

Image taken from DJI Store page

Now, if budget is an issue, we highly recommend scaling back to remote-controlled cars or helicopters! There's something about driving remote-controlled cars or remote-controlled helicopters that never gets old. It provides endless hours of fun, too! Get him a remote-controlled, battery-operated Ferrari for just S$79.90 (instead off a whopping S$1million for the real thing!) at the nearest Toys R Us.

Image taken from Toys R Us Singapore online store

Image taken from Toys R Us Singapore online store

5. Foreo Luna For Men

I was adamant to add this to this list. Why? Because Daddy Matthews enjoys some of my facial tools in the bathroom that makes his face extremely smooth, hahaha! I have a Philips VisaPure Essential Facial Cleansing Device as a wedding gift and it's extremely great but I'd totally recommend getting a Foreo Luna For Men from Sephora. It's in a portable small size and can be used in a pre-shave routine. Through the soft silicone touch-points and pulsations, about 99.5% of dirt and oil is unclogged and dead skin cells removed, revealing baby-smooth skin! I'd love me some smooth skin on my man and I bet you do, too!

It's also in the colour black and won't it be great for dad or husband to have soft and supple skin? It's his for S$159 and can be found in Sephora Singapore. 

Photo taken from Sephora website. Visit their website to find out more.

Photo taken from Sephora website. Visit their website to find out more.

6. Steam, ultimate entertainment platform

For the gamer dad and husband, Steam is the perfect platform for them to unwind and play at leisure. All they need is a functioning laptop or desktop and a whole world of action, strategy, adventure, casual or indie games is open to them. Gift them a digital Steam membership for some good old fun on the laptop (and peace and quiet, too!).

7. Bespoke men's tailoring

Edit Suits is the go-to tailor for Daddy Matthews. He particularly likes their made-to-measure shirts where an outfitter will come to his office or home and measure him up to ensure perfect fit. He can also select the fabrics for his shirts and customised his collars all at the starting price of S$90.30.

If dad or husband works in an office or an environment that requires him to look sharp and smart, why not gift him this beautiful gift of looking good?

8. The Lisa Matthews Photoshoot

Gift your significant other or dad a professional headshot photo shoot session to refresh his current work and social network or a 'daddy and i' photo shoot session at the location of your choice. We can extend this to a family photo shoot session, too, if you prefer that. I know many spouses are camera-shy and in general, men tend to feel a tad more uncomfortable in front of the camera than us ladies. Fret not, I'll make sure they will exude power and confidence in their professional headshot or the kid in them if we schedule a family photo shoot.

For just a flat rate of S$380 for an hour for a family shoot, they will get great quality photos of themselves and the family. Schedule a session with me today.

9. Nox Dining In The Dark - All fathers dine for free!*

Daddy Matthews and I are a big fan of this restaurant. We have brought families and friends here and it always seems to fascinate them to no end. So, what is Nox? It is a multi-sensory unique dining restaurant that temporarily, over the period of dining, takes away your dominant sense, sight, to heighten your other four so that you can enjoy and taste the fine cuisine they serve in front of you.

So what happens, you ask? Well, you book a table, come on the day and order a cocktail or a drink while you wait for them to prepare your table. I love their signature cocktails, so be sure to try it. When your table is set up, you will be asked to put away mobile phones, watches with light, basically devices that can emit light into the secured locker. They mean business - you WILL be dining in the dark.

A visually impaired server will be your guide and assure you as you take a few steps up to the restaurant on level 2. Don't worry, they are superb and friendly. When you've reached level 2, you will hard press to blink a fair few times as the darkness welcomes you. It's simply fascinating and a truly humbling experience. In fact, Daddy Matthews and I had a great time there, chatting and just really enjoying the delicious meal with no modern distractions. If you've got a partner who prides experience over physical gifts, we dare say Nox is an exciting dining experience for everyone. 

I received an email from Nox recently where they are running a Father's Day promotion. Dads get to dine for free for every 3 paying customers. Get a table reserved today!


10. For the whisky lover, The Macallan 18yrs

If dad or husband is a fan of whisky (like me), they will appreciate this. For a cool S$426.00, he will experience the beautiful, full and lingering dried fruits, sweet toffee, ginger and a hint of wood smoke with each sip. What does all that mean? Some kick ass mean whisky. Get it.

The expensive alternative for the discerning is the Japanese Yamazaki 18yrs all yours at S$928.00.

Follow the link to buy it online from the 1855 shop.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 1.03.56 PM.png

11. Did someone say BEER SUBSCRIPTION?

How does receiving a case every month of some of the most delicious and exceptional beers sound? MUSIC TO HIS EARS, OF COURSE.

Subscribe dad or husband to a 3-month long beer delivery service made easy by the good people at Thirsty Beer Shop. It's one of Daddy Matthews favorite place to cop good beer deals and taste various IPAs from all over the world.

With Thirsty beer subscription, you can select the quantity and preferred dates of delivery for the beer drinker love of your life.

Head over online and get the gift of beer for him today.

12. Boxing membership with The Ring

Is dad or husband looking for something new and exciting to try? What about picking up boxing or muay thai with The Ring Singapore located conveniently on Kim Yan Road (on Robertson Quay, near to Wine Connection). It's a great community of boxers and nak muays and dad or husband will feel right at home here. I know I do. 

With the membership, dad or husband is entitled to unlimited access to the group classes, gym facilities and more.

Get them fit and have fun at the same time here.


13. Essential grooming session(s) for men

There's something about a groomed and nice-smelling partner. Even Daddy Matthews agree that getting a hot traditional shave is soothing and a great treat.  Wake up to nice-smelling and groomed partner by treating them to a lush  Treat the husband or dad in your life to a hot shave in Singapore. Great grooming habits produce smooth and shaven-looking men. I like a clean shaven Daddy Matthews but if your husband or dad keeps a hippie-style beard, you might want to gift them the gift of looking good. Check out Sultan of Shaves if you think husband or dad like the old and traditional era of shave, We Need A Hero for trendy and affordable grooming services or Truefitt & Hill, one of the world's oldest barbershop in the world, renowned for its signature royal barbery. It's truly 'fit for royalty' as one of its patrons is no other than The Duke Of Edinburgh.


14. Unwind with a massage and scrub

Even the men of our lives benefit from some good downtime with a relaxing time in the spa. A deep tissue massage, a lemongrass or coffee body scrub, strategically placed hot stones down the back, oooh, it makes me smile just thinking about it. Daddy Matthews is a fan of massages and in particular, sports massages and we highly recommend Lush Spa or The Healing Touch if you are thinking about getting the mister some fancy spa vouchers.


15. A membership with Rapha if he hasn’t gotten one

Is he an avid cyclist like Daddy Matthews? If so, get him a membership with Rapha, a sportwear and lifestyle brand focused on fine road bicycle racing, clothing and accessories. They have many cycling community chapters around the world (22 chapters with over 13,000 members worldwide) and one right here in Singapore. It's a great cycling community and some of the perks include an exclusive Rapha club welcome gift upon signing up for a membership, weekly club rides, community, monthly events as well as overseas riding trips.

Daddy Matthews is part of Singapore's Rapha cycling club chapter and he has traveled to Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong to cycle with them. If this is something your husband or dad will like, this is a perfect gift for even a leisure cyclist.

Get them the membership here.


I hope the list put together by Daddy Matthews and I provide a better idea of what to get for your significant other or dad this Father's Day. If all else fails, schedule a family photo shoot with me to preserve the memories of your loved ones today! 

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