Happy International Women's Day!


My toddler was scouted by the team at Young Parents magazine probably due to my #hashtaggamestrong and also because of the photos I took andddddd maybe some other factors that I have no idea what eagle-eye Art Directors look for. Alessandra is quite used to being in front of my lens as she's one of my first few compliant subjects, haha! She's also half of me so that comes off easy; jumping from funny to natural when she's in front of the camera. Look, I'm just saying, she's quite a funny bunny in front of the camera. 

I received a lot of questions if I am proud or a proud mother. OF COURSE I AM! 

My replies though are pretty standard: "I am proud and at the same time, there's more to Alessandra than just her beautiful cherub face."

"She is a smart girl who loves her space, constellation, moon and stars. She loves her construction toys and watch in amazement the condo being built opposite our condo (one of the major reasons why we don't mind moving to where we are now - noisy, yes but my child loves it). She is thoughtful, expressive, helpful, she tries and tries again. She is also a handful, strong-willed, and knows what she wants and do not wants." 

She's also one of the main reason why I love my espresso martini because when you are with a strong-willed child, you need a strong drink. I am proud of her and happy she chose me. 


I hope people realise she's more than beauty. 

She's got brain

She's got brawn.

She's got bravery.

Just like every other women out there. Just like you, dear lady reading this post. 

Happy International Women's Day, my awesome ladies.

You are more than you know. Let's go get them!